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At O’Connor Therapeutics we help alleviate pain to improve your quality of life.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to help manage a health condition or enhance wellness. We assess and treat the soft tissues of the body.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is personal training for your mind. There are brief periods where we get stuck and can’t seem to move forward. I can help you through those periods.


What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who works with you to achieve your desired goals and helps you create an actionable plan. A life coach helps you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, and motivate you in ways we do not usually do on your own.

Life coaches are not therapists, they do not counsel or analyze the past, but base everything on the present and what you need in order to move forward.

Life Coaching is a professional partnership between a coach and a client, to help you to achieve demonstrable change and results, to achieve optimal wellbeing. Coaching may focus on the areas of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, academic or financial health. Coaching provides the tools to enable the discovery or clarification of your life direction. It aims to provide guidance, motivation, accountability and inspiration.

Appointments currently available in person, by phone or online by video.


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Live Your Life Consciously

Whether you’re trying to break a pain pattern, or get ahead with the plans that were disrupted by our recent, unprecedented lock down, I can help you get there.


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