About Carol

Carol O'Connor, Registered Massage Therapist BA, RMT, Certified Life Coach

Carol has an extensive background in both teaching and manual therapy. Her more recent training in life coaching pulls everything together. She has been teaching at the college level on and off since 1990 and has been practising manual therapies since 2006.

After the COVID crisis, we are left with mental, emotional and consequent physical blocks and pain. Unexplained queasiness, headaches, body pains, or dizziness, can all be related to the effects of prolonged, heightened stress.

Carol’s ideal client is someone who wants to look after themselves using various forms of self care before drugs. Often this includes people who have tried everything else first, only to leave mystified that a massage has done wonders for their condition, where other therapies have failed to impress.

Whether you’re trying to break a pain pattern, or get ahead with the plans that were disrupted by our recent, unprecedented lock down, Carol can help you get there.

Carol has a special interest in migraines and low back pain, which, surprisingly are often related.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, she can use a range of techniques to balance muscles in the areas around the shoulders, neck and pelvic joints, eliminate tension headache and lumbar spasm triggers, and drastically reduce the incidence of pain in either area.


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