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Working from Home

Taking care of yourself while working from home can be tricky. Ergonomics, boundaries, expectations are all important.

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Overview of the Immune System

In these days of fear and trembling before an unknown enemy, namely COVID-19, a quick overview of the human immune system is in order. This is a light-hearted look at what our bodies are capable of.

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Won’t Get Fooled Again?

Chewing gum has become a toxic treat in the last few decades as people try to avoid added sugar. But aspartame, sucralose and other additives can be even more harmful.

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Shine Your Light

Sometimes we feel we are living a small life, that we are not special and have little to offer. But until we die, there is room to grow.

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Fun Stuff

Proprioception and Balance: Part 2

Balance can fail us with aging and after an injury, especially a sprain. In this second part we explore the workings of balance as it relates to body, brain and nerve receptors.

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