Carol O'Connor

Certified Life Coach

My mission is to help you learn more about who you are ; what drives you; what’s holding you back; what your fears are; what your dreams are; what a better version of you looks like

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Why I became a life coach

During the Great COVID Reset, I became certified as a Life Coach. I’m interested in how young people, the Millennials, are doing with their work-life balance. As many are at marrying age, I’d like to help them get a jump start in balancing their leadership aspirations at work with how to be a good (and equal) partner to someone at home.

I’m also interested in helping people cope with their COVID period changes and possibly redirection, I’m interested in their mental health (as a coach) to see what’s holding them back, and whether we can push through some blocks to their success.

In my manual therapy, I have a special interest in migraines. As a massage therapist I can use a range of techniques to balance back and shoulder muscles, which can eliminate tension headache triggers and drastically reduce the incidence and severity of migraines. What I’m really passionate about is reducing overall triggers for migraines and headaches of other origins. This can also tie in to what is really bugging them, which may or may not have to do with tight muscles.

I’m also the author of an e-book entitled Power Over Misery : Discovering and Overcoming Hidden Sources of Pain. This exists only as an ebook, which may be revised and republished soon.

Modalities include massage, reflexology, reiki, qi energy work, cupping and Bowen therapy.



In my coaching practice, my major interest is work-life balance.

Often when we look at advice around work-life issues, it’s from the point of view of the employer, and the advice seems to go along the lines of be nice and support your people so that ultimately they are happier and you can get more out of them.

That’s not really my focus.

Happiness and satisfaction with life sometimes seems to just flow to us, and other times is completely elusive. Why, we wonder, do I feel unhappy when I “have everything”?

Or why do I feel so pooped and unwilling to “go for it” at the moment? Where’s my drive? Why can’t I get [this one simple (or important) thing] done?

Getting coaching during these times is like having a personal trainer help you over a particular hump in your workout life. They help you with a weight-loss or strength goal, present different approaches to things you’re already doing, or shed light on how things work. They jump start you back on your way.

Life coaching is personal training for your mind. There are usually brief periods where we get stuck and can’t seem to move forward. I can help you through those periods. We’ll examine together what’s keeping you stuck and then get you over the hurdle. You get a guide to offer emotional support, feedback and new ways of looking at things. Having a success partner helps to spur you on.

  • Coaching packages (6 sessions) $500
  • Complementary Introduction Session $Priceless


In both cases (massage and coaching), we’re dealing with something that is creating profound stress in our lives. Whether it’s physical pain or pain in the mind, it’s nice to have some friendly intervention. And most times, the pain in your body is wrapped up in a mental or emotional problem, that lead to the injury, that is manifesting in the body.

We all hate the word psychosomatic, because it sounds like we’re about to be belittled. But it simply means mind-body, and we’re all over that these days.

Massage does so much for stress on a physical level. It’s capable of calming the nervous system – our fight or flight system. But it’s temporary. When I send you back out to face your life again, old habits and worries can quickly erase the benefits we’ve achieved on the table.

So coaching can pick up from there. When you’re stuck, even if you can’t feel the frustration or anger that may be tagging along, you can often feel the embarrassment or shame of not getting ahead in your personal or business life. Or we might recognize the procrastination that informs us of a problem of will or overwhelm. Never being able to get around to it, whatever it is, can make us feel weak.

So, start where you are. And get where you’re going.

  • Coaching packages (6 sessions) $500
  • Complementary Introduction Session $Priceless



“Carol is a kind & compassionate practitioner, dedicated to helping her clients achieve their health goals. “

Shelley Gibbs ● Naturopathic Doctor

“A great deal of skill and knowledge.”

William Marsh ● The Holistic Centre

“Carol is a dedicated health professional who is always looking for better ways to help her clients.”

Yvonne Hertzberger ● Indie Writer/Author

Live Your Life Consciously

Whether you’re trying to break a pain pattern, or get ahead with the plans that were disrupted by our recent, unprecedented lock down, I can help you get there


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