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How severely has the COVID-19 crisis affected you?

Did you know that social isolation has a direct link to poor health outcomes in those who haven’t even been infected by the virus?

Here’s the problem you face: how to get back on your emotional, mental and financial feet.

There is tremendous economic pressure during this time, whether or not you’ve lost your job. Pressure
on parents is unparalleled, while they try to work from home and look after the kids’ school time.
Feelings of depression, hopelessness, entrapment and loneliness remain unacknowledged, simply
because so many are experiencing them. There is unemployment and financial insecurity for Millennials
and young families. This heightened stress can give rise to poor sleep, emotional eating, substance
abuse, domestic violence and child neglect or abuse. Support is so hard to get, simply because we’re all
suffering, and the health care system is overwhelmed – not necessarily with COVID patients, but with
healthy people trying to cope.

Which means you feel like you’re on your own, and may never get past this period with its devastating
socio-economic consequences.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution

In this course, we will delve into 5 main areas:

  • Grieving Your Losses
  • Taking Time to Rest
  • New GrowthPossibilities
  • Moving Forward Without Fear
  • Re-Creating Society and ourselves in the image we holdin our minds.

This is a self-directed course where you can workshop your thoughts. 

This course is in itsfirsa self-directed course where you can workshop your thoughts.t offering, and you can gain instant access for just $47. You are invited to a private Facebook group to discuss and connect with others in the course. I’ll pop into answer your questions and share my coaching expertise. Together we will find our personal solutionsand advocate for one another. There are two bonuses: one for you to help your children cope with thisperiod, and another aimed at teenagers and their special anxieties at this time in their lives.

This is a sweet price because I need your help to make it even better. As you go through the course, let me know what else I can help you with, what you’re looking for that might be missing. The next time itis offered, it will be richer with your help, and so will the price.

Explore your future without worry. If you’re not happy with your progress, let me know within 7 daysand I’ll return your money, no questions asked.

Clarify Your Goals

Identify Obstacles

Improve Your Mental Health

Improve Your Life

As a health care practitioner, I see the physical and mental toll it takes on people. As a wellness coach, I
see ways we can tackle the problem of this devastating period.
In a CDC survey from June of 2020, 40% reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder and
increased substance use in order to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID, including thoughts
of giving up all together.
For young people (18-24) a full half of them reported relatively high scores for depression, with unpaid
caregivers coming in at 45%. Stress combined with massive uncertainty and isolation are a toxic mix.

Read What My Clients Say About Their Coaching Experience

“Carol is a kind & compassionate practitioner, dedicated to helping her clients achieve their health goals.

Shelley Gibbs ● Naturopathic Doctor

“Carol is a dedicated health professional who is always looking for better ways to help her clients.”

Yvonne Hertzberger ● Indie Writer/Author

Take This Course and Start Changing Your Life

We’ll validate how you feel and what you’ve lost, and consider what self-care will help you feel
confident. You can dream of new possibilities and begin to move forward without fear. Finally, envision
how we can build the way ahead and not just leave it to chance, or other people’s choices.
You’ll recover from isolation and uncertainty so you can reach out again.
You’ll create self-care plans so you can face the world without exhaustion.
You’ll dream and invest in yourself so you can shape the future you want.
You’ll step out without fear, creating a vision for your potential and life balance.
Finally, this course will help you solidify your value and discover your purpose.
“The Great Reset” doesn’t have to be just about the rich getting richer and more powerful. We can
shape our personal lives, even amidst the destruction of our social order. How well we recover is the
vital factor to our success.

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